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Hello Beautiful Folks,

Thank you for being here and thank you for your time. Let’s get right to it.

I do best as an anchor, a center point, a hub. I hold the natural position of a wise and steady force for all those with whom I come into contact, and I love to provide it. I possess the given ability to literally tune in to those with whom I work and provide reflection and teaching based on that which is behind the veil. That which they have yet to see or have yet to know to ask. I represent the Feminine principle of what humanity can grow into and evolve toward, should we so choose. And we are, slowly but surely we are. I have much to offer our species in support of Its conscious evolution and Its remembrance of powers for good. Its remembrance of devotion and authenticity.

What I really need is a home. A place to be in an Esoteric Artist in residence, to be House Mum and to be the anchor point around which much else is built. You know, like a Target or a Fry’s, but with better vibes, deep healing and sacred smoke…  My hope is that Civana might be such a place. A place that will resonate with my artistry and be happy to hold the container within which a teacher such as myself can play and stretch all the way out into. My hope is that the beings behind this property recognize and understand what we might do together and are excited to collaborate.

Is this you? We shall see. I am happy to connect soon.

Warmly and with all my love,


Esoteric Artist

e.ssential feminine

To be e.ssentially feminine is to be deeply connected to your own inner Muse.

To be in service and adoration of your desires.

To know of yourself “I AM what I want and everything is for me.” 
The e.ssential feminine program is a self-paced 16 week guided journey into the true feminine principle.

This program is comprised of weekly video teachings, activities and reflections all designed to move you through each of the e.ssential feminine components;

“Spirituality. Sexuality. Sisterhood. Motherhood.”

Whatever your definitions are for each of these words,I guarantee only scratch the surface…

Follow the Artist

Each one of us is an artist. 

Each one of us seeks to leave an imprint, a legacy, our unique mark on the world. It is only through the reconciliation of our individual artistry that we may truly impact the world in ways we are Divinely designed to. You ARE the artist, your life IS the artwork, and the process of living and experiencing it as it is being created makes you the observer. 

How would you view yourself if you considered yourself an artist?

It’s time to opt all the way in.

The Medicine of Being Told “No”

Born of true life experiences and the personal process of the author, this journal invites you to get really real with your attachments. Ego’s aside and a willingness to allow yourself to be told “No”, this journal helps you cut through the bullshit of our mind in an effort to better understand where we may be selling ourselves short. Disciplined self examination is the name of the game. 


“I need you inspired…”

Unless you are deeply in love and deeply in relationship with the moves you are making, you’ll never make a move. And since we are all in this together, I am here to be your muse until you remember your own.

If you’re interested in a private session, tell me what you want, let me know what you need. I have answers for you.