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Holy smokes you did iiiiiit!

What a gift you are. What a gift this will be to journey into the energetics of true Masculine and Feminine principle together.

I am excited to hear about how your individual relationship to each is evolving through the process of this work. I am excited to help you learn the Language of Energetics and I am excited to know that you will be actively seeking to apply this new perspective to different aspects of your life.

Mostly I am just excited to be here with you.

There is so much available to us as humans… We truly stand at the threshold of creative tension and the ability to harness that momentum in a way that is productive and good and loving for us all, is something we have yet to realize. But with this work, I promise you we will be well on our way.

So again I say to you, thank you. Humbly, it is my privilege and honor to stand beside you.

Be sure to order your journals at the link down below. While you wait for them to arrive, go ahead and subscribe to Temple Papers as well. It is my FREE teaching platform where you have access to constant downloads, in the moment channeling and the ability to ask me direct questions for an interactive dialogue.

If anything else comes up, you may email a member of my team at We’ll take care of you from there.

I love you so so much and I can’t wait to get started.



FREE teachings in your pocket!? A spiritual advisor on speed dial!? Please subscribe below for access to constant cosmic downloads, in the moment course correction and support, tools for navigating this human experience as a spiritual being and a more intimate look at how I move through my day. Walking beside me and learning in this way is usually a perspective only my apprentices experience, however I am opening it up and I would love to welcome you in. There is plenty of room for you at the table.