How does one write a biography for the entire Universe?

How does one encapsulate all that there is?

A poet, a dancer, an Oracle and a mother. A gold hoop wearing, Remy drinking, cussing medicine woman. A lover, a teacher, a listener and a ceremonialist. As an Esoteric Artist, Olivia reads energy fluently and through this is able to whisper love, relationship and coherence into absolutely everything she touches. Through the art of Cosmic Weaving and daily devotion to the Curriculum of Real Life, she urges us all to stop looking to the mountaintops for spiritual transcendence and instead fall deeply within to look at what is right in front of you asking for integration. You have always been born with everything you are looking for, you just forgot. Olivia will remind you.

Esoteric Artist

The Temple Academy

How do you move?

Learning the Language of Energetics

Foundations of Ceremonial Living

Guided Journal Series

A series of self-guided journals with accompanying teachings.

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e.ssential feminine






e.ssential feminine







“I need you inspired…”

Unless you are deeply in love and deeply in relationship with the moves you are making, you’ll never make a move. And since we are all in this together, I am here to be your muse until you remember your own.

Tell me what you want, let me know what you need, I have answers for you.