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Summer Solstice Invitation

Hello Beautiful One,

Well well well, somebody loves you and somebody is inviting you to a gathering of teaching and ceremony. Beautiful.

Each season brings change, sometimes wanted and sometimes unwanted but always what is needed.  There is so much in transition for you right now and it is as it should be. We are about to shift into Fire season on the Medicine Wheel so you best believe we are all going to be forged!

By definition an apprentice is someone who seeks out a master of their craft so they too can learn, grow, and eventually work independently of their teacher. As I am, I have been imbued with the gifts of teaching relationship, ceremony and moving energetically as a cosmic weaver; one of the most ancient of Esoteric Arts and one that is available to us all. So truly, the curriculum I am teaching is the curriculum of real life and how to navigate that with authenticity.

I love this person that has invited you in. Depending on where your invitation came from, she has been studying with me in the Apprenticeship of Self for anywhere from 1-3 years and on June 19th, in honor of the Summer Solstice, all the apprentices will be presenting a demonstration of their medicine and artistry. Medicine and artistry they have remembered and anchored into through the process of this walk and these teachings.

It is this you are being invited to.

Not only to witness and celebrate them in their brilliance, but also because I will be opening up 3 spaces for new apprentices and this sweet soul thinks YOU might be one.

To walk alongside one another in this experience of life is a privilege. One I do not take lightly. And so I am already thankful that you consider this opportunity.

If you are a yes to joining us on June 19th and learning more about how we do what we do round here at the Temple, please see below for further details and RSVP.

All my Love,


Temple of the Esoteric Arts

6957 N. 2nd Street, Suite B

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Sunday, June 19, 2022

5:30PM – 8:00PM

**Dress comfortably and casually, small bites provided, no need to bring anything other than your invitation so you may receive further teaching on it.**

Please RSVP by Sunday, June 12th – thank you!

How does one write a biography for the entire Universe?

How does one encapsulate all that there is?

A poet, a dancer, an Oracle and a mother. A gold hoop wearing, Remy drinking, cussing medicine woman. A lover, a teacher, a listener and a ceremonialist. As an Esoteric Artist, Olivia reads energy fluently and through this is able to whisper love, relationship and coherence into absolutely everything she touches. Through the art of Cosmic Weaving and daily devotion to the Curriculum of Real Life, she urges us all to stop looking to the mountaintops for spiritual transcendence and instead fall deeply within to look at what is right in front of you asking for integration. You have always been born with everything you are looking for, you just forgot. Olivia will remind you.